AC|DC Emcee Services

Why hire a professional host?

Help your event go from blah to brilliant. Get a professional emcee.

  • Emcees warm up the audience, introduce speakers, presentations and other segments of the show.

  • The emcee serves as the event glue, keeps the show on track and, more importantly, on time.

  • Emcees have the skill, intuition and experience to determine what will and won’t entertain your audience.


Check out the AC|DC Commercial (and get ready to smile)!

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The AC|DC Difference

AC & DC are the dynamic duo emceeing team of Adonica Coleman and Demarko Coleman. They work seamlessly together to get the most out of your event. The pre-event research and interviews they conduct create a familiarity with the cause, organization and audience. Their skill and ability to connect with people has helped organizations achieve more profitable results.

Elevate your event from good to great!

The level of energy that AC & DC bring to an event is palpable. They have emceed our event the last two years and our fundraising has increased each year by 20%. Several regular attendees have commented that it is what they look forward to at the Gala.
— Christi Wolverton, Director of Outreach and Development at Christian Fellowship School